Incident Management

Track resolution from wherever you are and restore service faster with automated assignments and notifications.


Problem Management

Link related incidents to problems, identify root causes, and notify all affected users with a single update. Push your answers to the knowledge base for even quicker resolution next time.


Change management

Avoid change management backlogs and minimize risks and unplanned downtimes with automated approval processes and views.


Reporting and Analytics

Measure your users' satisfaction and the performance of your IT team—and create custom reports with data and insights for your organization.


More ITSM Features

  • Request Fulfillment

    Manage service requests and support your users anytime, anywhere through multiple channels like email, phone, Web, chat, and corporate social media.

  • Knowledge Management

    Use knowledge already at hand to resolve issues quickly. Increase self-service by publishing FAQs and how-tos, and keep your users informed through forum announcements.

  • Community

    Build a support community and enable community discussions, so you can deflect tickets and reuse the knowledge your IT team and users already have.

  • Security

    Zendesk offers many levels of security—physical, infrastructure, an application—to keep sensitive data secure. Download our security overview.

Zendesk offers a new approach to ITSM—a Zen Help Desk solution that simplifies traditional service management down to what's important for your organization.

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