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Monthly pricing (Pre-paid annually) $20/year/3 agents $24/month/agent $49/month/agent $99/month/agent
Monthly pricing (Paid monthly) $29/month/agent $59/month/agent $119/month/agent
Agent limit 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Voice 1 number Variable Variable Variable
Annual invoicing optionContact Sales for more details.
Free internal usageUnlimited light agents can be added at no additional cost and can read and make private comments on tickets.
Pre-defined responses (macros)Macros allow agents to quickly respond to common requests with a standard reply.
Business rules (triggers & automations)Initiate workflow triggered by ticket changes or time based conditions.
Rich text formatting in ticketsAgents can use markdown language to create rich text in outbound tickets.
Custom fieldsAdd custom fields to your tickets to capture information specific to your support processes.
View original emailView source code, html, or text of tickets submitted by email.
Service level targetsSet and monitor your company’s specific service level targets. Tickets that threaten your service targets are highlighted in separate views.
Pre-built best practices configurationYour Zendesk comes pre-configured with several macros, triggers, automations and ticket views that we recommend as best practices. You can add more, modify or turn them off.
Advanced search with smart queriesAll your content is indexed and can be easily surfaced by a simple search query.
Customer satisfaction ratingsAutomatically offer your customers the ability to rate the support they received on a ticket.
On-hold ticket statusTrack tickets that require input or resolution from a 3rd party.
Personal rules and macrosAdmins and appropriate agents can create macros and ticket views that are only available to themselves.
Group rules and macrosAdmins can create macros and ticket views that are only available to agents and admins in specific groups.
Agent collision detectionAn agent receives a warning when opening or updating a ticket that another agent is working on at the same time.
Business hoursYour workflow, business rules and SLA targets can be configured to respect your business hours.
Business rules usage filteringAbility to filter and sort your business rules by usage over a specific period of time. Enables you to identify obsolete rules and see usage trends.
Dynamic contentMulti-language placeholders that dynamically insert ticket content based on end user language preferences.
ScreencastingAgents and end users can record and attach screencasts to new and existing tickets.
Business rules analysisIn-depth analysis of how a given ticket property is used across your triggers, automations, macros, and ticket views.
Attachment limits
1MB 7MB 20MB 20MB
Mobile optimized web self-service portal
Native mobile apps, including iPad,
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone
Full-featured agent workflow.
Android/iOS library for app integration
Email (unlimited addresses)Out-the-box email integration (no need to set up your mail server) with unlimited email addresses. Customizable HTML and text templates.
Web portalFully Customizable customer facing web portal: customers can access your knowledge base and check on their existing requests.
Twitter (unlimited accounts)Engage customers over Twitter and easily convert tweets into tickets all from within your Zendesk.
FacebookStarter plan can link to one Facebook page; all other plans can link to up to two pages.
Feedback tab for websitesTab which can be embedded in any website. Allows customers to chat with an agent, search your knowledge base or submit a support request.
Feedback enabled mobile apps
Built-in online chatAllow your customers to chat with you in real-time about their tickets or for any other inquiries they might have. All of the conversation is automatically transcribed onto a ticket when the chat window is closed.
Public and private forumsCreate internal or public forums where your community can participate in the discussion.
Self service interface for full ticket history
Knowledge base articles w/ commenting
User segmentationAdd tags on users and organizations to create workflow around specific customer types (e.g. VIP consumers or premium accounts).
Advanced searchFind relevant information faster with smart, advanced search functionalities that include query auto-complete and advanced stemming.
Two-way ticket-to-article integrationQuickly create an article from a ticket or vice-versa. Enables you to provide support to your community and create knowledge base articles from tickets.
Topic suggestions during ticket submissionDeflect tickets by suggesting relevant forum topics.
Community ideasAllow your community to suggest and vote on ideas. Permitted agents and admins can moderate when ideas are being worked on or considered.
Community support (Q&A)Decrease your ticket load by enabling your customers to ask questions, have them answered by your community and vote them higher in the list.
Knowledge base categorizationOrganize your knowledge base with categories.
Forum and search analyticsAt-a-glance insight helping you measure the effectiveness of your community content.
Topic boostingRank hot topics higher by moving articles that answer frequently asked questions and searches higher up in search results.
Full CSS rebrandingTake control of your support site with full access to custom CSS and JavaScript.
Custom language (40+ languages supported)
Custom widgets
Domain mappingUse your own subdomain, such as
Multi locale (timezone and languages)If you run global operations, have your support portal accommodate to your customers’ time zone and language.
Multi-brand managementEnables the management of separate customer facing brands through one central help desk account.
Custom reports
Export ticket views to CSV
Complete ticket export
Advanced analyticsMeasure your performance by having visibility into ticket volume, key support metrics, forum activity, and agent performance.
Hourly report updates
Report on custom fields 60 fields 200 fields
Remote authentication/SSOAllow users to log in using their existing internal identities (e.g., AD/LDAP or any other proprietary user management system) via a script.
SSO with Twitter, Facebook and Google
Configurable password policySpecify a global password security setting for all of your agents and end-users.
EU Safe Harbor Compliance
SSL encryptionSSL encryption for users and customers connecting to your help desk.
SSL certificate hostingWe host the SSL certificate for your custom domain.
SSO with SAML supportProvides single sign-on integration with your existing identity management system via SAML.
Sandbox test environment
Public agent display nameAgents can specify a public facing alias to protect their identity from customers.
Custom agent rolesSpecify granular permissions for agents.
Audit logsView a detailed list of critical changes that have been made to your Zendesk.
Network access restrictionOnly allow access to your help desk from specified IP ranges. Choose to apply restriction to all users or only to the agent portal.
Email compliance archiveSend all Zendesk email notifications privately to an address of your choice, keeping a complete archive of communication.
Moderated community support
Email support 8×5 24×7 24×7
Phone support 24×5 24×7
Ticket sharing between ZendesksShare customer support tickets with other Zendesk help desks and allow requests to be answered by external parties. Quickly provide the best answer to your customers, while preserving all of the conversation in your Zendesk.
Ticket sharing with
Automated ticket sharing
Email API
Javascript/widget API
Pre-built: Salesforce, SugarCRM
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