Advanced Analytics

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Advanced Analytics are available on the Zendesk Plus and Enterprise plans, and enable support teams to make data-driven decisions based on powerful reporting. Pre-defined reports take the guesswork out of figuring out which metrics are the most critical for customer service success, and custom reports allow you to slice and dice the data based on what’s important to you. And once set up, your dashboards and reports automatically update each day with the latest ticket data.

New Zealand Post Loves it

“Advanced Analytics give us a customized view into our Zendesk activity without having to struggle with complex reporting or analytics products. With just a few mouse clicks, we can see details of our support activity by type or resolution time, and even see how our backlog changes over time.”

Rob Holmes, Strategic Analyst


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    Powerful dashboards and reports

    View dashboards and pre-built reports for support ticket creation and resolution, agent performance, backlog, and more.

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    Flexible ad-hoc analysis

    Slice and dice your data using all standard and custom ticket fields to track your Zendesk performance the way you want to see it.

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    Collaborative business intelligence

    Collaborate and share custom projects, reports and results with colleagues and management via email, PDF, CSV or even embedded into other websites.

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