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Twicket service puts Twitter to work for your business

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With just one click you can transform a tweet into a Zendesk ticket – and turn Twitter into your new channel for customer engagement. Capture relevant input and impress your Twitter community with exceptional responsiveness.

Advanced search capabilities allow you to efficiently monitor and identify relevant tweets. Respond in public or privately, retweet, and follow users, all directly from your Zendesk!


“It’s nice and convenient how you can take a Twitter stream offline and have a ticket created instantly to manage and track — a much needed feature for community support!”

John Yamasaki, Director of Community and Partnerships


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    Navigate Twitter from your Zendesk

    Now you can search for tweets, view saved search streams, and convert tweets to Zendesk using our TwicketTM functionality — all within the familiar Zendesk interface. It’s an easy way to enable collaboration and improve responsiveness via social media (check out Zendesk for Facebook, too!)

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    When 140 characters is not enough

    Move the conversation to Zendesk and dispense with Twitter’s 140-character limit. Now you can share more info and interact more freely.

    Use the TwicketTM service on the Zendesk iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry apps.

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    Support for your favorite Twitter clients

    Use Twitter like you always do – Zendesk supports all of your favorite Twitter clients, including HootSuite, TweetDeck and more.

How they use it

  • “Now our support team can engage the Twitterverse and freely join in without risk of stepping on each others’ toes, which not only gives us near-instant response time, but frees up time to pursue a more proactive ‘outbound tweet’ strategy.”

    Kira Fickenscher, Community Manager Kira Fickenscher, Community Manager
  • “Using the Zendesk Twitter integration allows us to escalate tweets to our support team which helps to increase the satisfaction of our customers and community members. Thanks Zendesk for making it easier to connect with my users.”

    Corey Ganser, Customer Support Manager Corey Ganser, Customer Support Manager
  • “Everyone can use Twitter to talk about their company, but what is it worth if you aren’t listening to your customers? When even computers can listen, ignoring customers on Twitter can be detrimental to your social media strategy.”

    Chris Korhonen, User Experience Designer Chris Korhonen, User Experience Designer
  • “Because these Twitter interactions are all pulled into a Zendesk ticket, we can easily track a customers’s questions in one place – creating a clearer picture of their needs and allowing us to be more efficient.”

    Tara Clark, Customer Support and Training Manager Tara Clark, Customer Support and Training Manager
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