Zendesk for SugarCRM

The sweet customer service solution

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Gain complete visibility into your customer relationships with this two-way integration that lets you seamlessly access your SugarCRM customer data from Zendesk, and vice versa.

Brightidea loves it

“At Brightidea, we value the streamlining of data across platforms. The Zendesk for SugarCRM integration allows us to connect critical sales and support information and improve cross departmental communication, while maintaining customer satisfaction as the pillar of our business.”

Anthony Madama, Senior Technical Support Engineer READ THE FULL CASE STUDY


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    Access SugarCRM data from Zendesk

    View SugarCRM information in a customer profile directly in Zendesk. Customize SugarCRM attributes shown in Zendesk user profiles.

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    Access Zendesk ticket data from SugarCRM

    View Zendesk tickets directly from SugarCRM, and filter them by status, priority and type. Update and create Zendesk tickets within the SugarCRM platform.

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    Analyze Zendesk Tickets with SugarCRM Reporting

    Report on consolidated SugarCRM cases and Zendesk ticket data, and tap into SugarCRM’s advanced analytics to make intelligent business decisions.

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