Seamless sharing

Pass tickets across Zendesks more easily

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Easily engage multiple organizations into your customer support interactions, by sharing support tickets with other companies also using Zendesk.

Ensure your customers get the best possible answer in a timely manner, and allow your support agents to be more productive by focusing on their area of expertise.

Harvest loves it

“Sharing tickets is extremely useful when we receive inquiries better suited for our integration partners, like Syncr. Our support team no longer needs to spend precious moments sending the ticket off in a separate email, and our customers don’t have to wait for a long time. Instead, we share a direct line of support that ultimately results in a faster resolution for our customers.”

Sri Vemuri, Marketing Manager


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    Decide who you send or receive tickets from

    Easily send, accept or decline ticket sharing agreements to start sharing customer support requests with other Zendesk accounts. Choose between having public or private comments, and between syncing status and tags, or not.

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    Seamlessly share tickets with other organizations

    Share customer support tickets with other Zendesk help desks with a few simple clicks. Allow requests to be answered by the correct subject matter expert, no matter if they are internal or external to your company. Quickly provide the best answer to your customers, without adding headaches to your support team.

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    Keep everything within your Zendesk

    All of the conversation stays documented in your Zendesk, so you can keep track of every comment, be it either from your customer, your business partner or yourself. Let no support request fall through the cracks.

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