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Stay on top of conversations that take place in your blog, with Zendesk for WordPress. Agents can manage questions and problems from your blog readers, directly from WordPress. Create an interactive and loyal community by signaling to your readers that you are listening.

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“Zendesk for WordPress plugin is a great tool to integrate a robust help desk system into the WordPress workflow. With this integration, WordPress users can easily respond to their readers’ comments and ensure that they are providing top-notch support to their current, and potential, customers. We recommend this integration to any WordPress user that is looking for an easy to use, yet full featured customer support solution.”

Joshua Strebel, co-founder


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    Manage Zendesk tickets from WordPress

    Keep track of all support requests assigned to you directly in WordPress. Access all your ticket information, and easily update support requests. Never have a request, or potential customer, fall through the cracks.

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    Turn comments into Zendesk tickets

    Need to respond to a comment in a more personal way? Want to dive deeper to help someone out? Convert comments into Zendesk tickets, with one click.

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    Access Zendesk through WordPress

    Your blog users won’t need to register with Zendesk or maintain two login details. Instead, they can just sign in with their credentials from your own blog. Safe, secure and super easy.

Click to Signup for a Free Zendesk Trial wordpress for Zendesk

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